Think Ink Fidget Pen For Focus

Posted by Trend Boananza on



The Think Ink Fidget Pen provides you with endless fidgeting options all wrapped in a high quality ballpoint pen. Our one-of-a-kind detachable flexo clip is an amazing stadalone figget tool. Rare earth magnets allow you to easily detach and recconect the clip creating tons of satisfying fidget moves and on top of that the magnetic clip is very useful too.

The spring-like resistance of the branded stainless-steel flexo shaft generates a linear force across your entire palm each time you squeeze it way more satisfying than any stress ball.

The magnetic propulsion ring is the backbone of a patent-pending ink retraction system. The invisible force of rare earth magnets creates a floating silent spinner that can be pulled and pushed for additional fidgets fun.

A big fun favour is the carbon steel sphere. Its silky smooth rotation discreetly satisfies the pin clicker in all of us.

Free you imagination! Release your inspiration! Pick up the first pen you'll never want to put down!




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