Flexible USB Fan with LED clock

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This amazing little USB led fan clock not only looks cool, it lets you feel cool and can show the time! Just plug clock fan into a spare USB outlet and you will have a USB led fan with a clock. Shows hour, minute and seconds hands. It has a flexible gooseneck shaft that can be moved into almost any position. The blades are made of a soft silicone material, so cannot harm your face or finger, very easy to use.

How to set the time:

Plug into a USB port and switch on the fan(it will take up to 20 seconds for LED clock to initially display) Press and hold the ON/OFF button until minute hand starts blinking, the minute hand and hour hand will rotate clockwise Stop in the right time you want, release your hands and leave for 6 seconds, the time is set, a nice gift for your family and your loved ones.

Included: 1 x USB LED Clock Fan

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